Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wednesday 30th April

Once again I played nursemaid to the lady. I found the best thing for me to do when shes not well is to keep her feet warm. Thing is those wiggly toes sometimes gets the better of me and I have to give the occasional nibble ... just so she knows this niceness isn't a permanent thing. I even let her pick me up and cuddle me. Ok so I purred a bit and fell asleep while she stroked my face. It was warm ... it was cosy, shes all soft and squishy which makes it really comfy. Maybe I held onto her hand while she gave me scratched under the chin, if it makes her happy when shes all sneezy and wheezy, then I guess Im doing my job. I'll save redecorating the bedroom with tissues for when shes better. She must have been feeling better in the night time, cos she got the wiggly glove and we had some good play. I really got air when I jumped at her hand. She laughed at me .... so she was happy. Oops its bed time ... time to get more cuddles ... I mean time to stalk her feet in bed.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tuesday 29th April

The poor lady! Last night she couldn't sleep ... she was all sneezy and coughs so I did what any kitty would do .... snuggled in nice and close and shared my purs with her. Do you think it worked? No she tossed and turned and kept me awake all night. So by about 4am I chased her out of my bed .... a kitty has to get her beauty sleep after all.
Then all day I did my best not to bite her or try and climb her legs. But by mid afternoon it got too much for me.... I had to fly around the house and attack any part of her that I felt like. Then she started laughing ... then coughing ... then wheezing.
Can a kitty catch human germs?????

Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday 28th April

When the wind is blowing outside and you have a tinkly thing hanging from the curtain .... Im going to try and fly up there and bat at it. I am a kitten .... we kittens like things that tinkle. Likewise, if you have sparkly things sitting on shelves, and I can get air from the couch chances are I am going to go and investigate it.
So you go back to your sneezing and blowing hideous stuff out of your big nose and leave the kitten play to the kitten. And while your at it .... pour more kitty milk into my bowl! Now!!!!! Go on .... !!!! Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase

Now my friend Skeezix has tagged me ... and its my very first tag so I hope I do this right.

With my beautiful eyes I can see .... the tv ... dont change the channel

With my soft nose I can smell ........ milk .... gimme gimme!!

With my velvet paws I can touch ...... the lovely soft fluffy white blanky on our bed.

With my sharp ears I can hear ..... the tinkly thing up on the curtain .... and its driving me crazy.

With my sandpaper tongue I can ....... lick any surface I like .... my butt ... her coffee cup .... her nose and in that order.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday 27th April

She finally gets it ..... You have to stay home and show the kitty the love. You can't go out leaving the kitty to fend for herself. When shes gone .... I can't turn the tv on. She's lucky I didn't miss out on my favourite show Animal Rescue. These poor puddies and woofies, and a poor Swan!!!

Check the pic out ... she even moved the beany block thing in front of the tv, so I don't get a sore neck. I am the Kitty .... I OWN the LADY!!!!!!

I have even found out how to confuse her. She buys me different types of stinky stuff. This week besides the stinky fishy stuff she bought me some fresh dead meat stuff. I like variety in my food. So one day she will put the stinky fish I'll have a nibble then I'll start burying it like Im trying to cover up my kitty litter. Its my way of saying..... hey Lady this tastes like something that belongs in my Kitty litter". She then runs to remove it and put something else in there.

Haaaa ..... I own her and she doesn't even know it!!!!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saturday 26th April

Today the lady came home with yet another plastic bag. Todays offering was this super duper cool thing ... this super soft tunnel thing ... and its stripey too ... just like me! Not only can I stalk her from it ... but it makes this wonderful crinkly sound ... I think under her bed at 3am would be a great place to play with it ... along with the squeaky mousie.
I also want to thank all the kitties for commenting and welcoming me to the blogosphere. Wow I didn't realise there were so many of us wonderful kitties blogging. I look forward to reading them all. Head butts and kitty kisses to you all.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday 25th April - Anzac Day

Firstly today the lady told me what Anzac Day is and what it means. To all the Diggers ... Thank you. You made it possible that little kitties like me in this wonderful country are free.
Now with it being Anzac Day ... that meant she didn't go to work this morning ... which meant last night she brought home this stuff ... she called it champagne ... I call it silly stuff in a bottle. She started dancing and singing around the place... then she was on the computer till all hours of a morning.. How is a kitty supposed to work with her hogging the computer!!
Then we went to bed I think she said 4am.... I did my job this morning and saved her from the loud buzzy thing, and gave her a little kitty kiss on the eyelid .... do you think she appreciated it..... no! She pushed me away and rolled over and went back to sleep. Then when the buzzy thing went off she said some words that I don't think a little kitty like me is supposed to hear.
Then tonight she went out .... she was gone soooooooooo long ... and she only put out a few crunchy things for me to eat. I dont like those. When she got home .... I ran up to her and told her .... Feed me lady .... and she did!!! This awesomely stinky fishy stuff in a can ... boy it was good. So I nibbled at a bit ...then jumped up into her face and stood on her chest and looked her in the eye and breathed my nice perfumed breath on her to show her I care. The next second my sensitive kitty nostrils smelt something on her. I know what that smell is .... it was dog stink. She had been out giving attention that should have been mine ... on of all things dogs!
I am going to have to find these dogs where ever they are and tell them not to go near my lady.
As for the lady ..... I think I am going to have to leave her a nasty surprise somewhere she wont find it for days .......... just to show her whos the boss of this place!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thursday 24th April

Today I learnt a new thing... if I am running very fast I can jump up onto the table. From there I can fly .... yes fly.... to the couch then continue running around the rest of the couches. If the lady is sitting at my computer, I found a way to really really make her squeal, cos Im still little I can do cute things and get away with it. I reach up to her giant size knee, dig my little sharp kitty claws and try and climb up her leg. Thats fun.

I also realised that a kitty's work is never done in this place. First in the morning I have to wake her up so she can get out of my fur ... I mean go to work. Without my tender toothy kisses on her ears, lip, under arm .... she would wake up to this horrible noise that comes from the black buzzy thing beside the bed. Much better for her to wake up way way way before that thing makes its blaring noise.
Next I am the official bed making helper. As she straightens the sheets and blankets and pillows, I help by getting inside and making sure they are all nice and straight.
My mostest important job of all is creative decorator. Today while she was at work, I rearranged most of my kitty litter. I flicked it out all over the floor, and then spread it in a nice layer all over the white mats in the bathroom. For some reason she didnt appreciate my artistic creation. She put it all in a bag, washed down the floor with this icky smelling wet stuff.... all the while muttering something about electric tape, my tail, and the walls. Some people just don't appreciate talent!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wednesday 23rd April

I have come to a conclusion ..... I like the lady. In fact the more I think about it the more I really like her. I know she tries her best to make sure I have lots of toys to play with. She always makes a lap for me. I love walking all over her soft squishy body. Every night I snuggle in under the covers in bed to help keep her warm.

Tonight when she came home from work I ran up to her and called out "pick me up" and she did ... then I did lots of purrs ... she likes that ... and let her cuddle and scratch me and I didnt bite her. Well not for a whole 500 hours. When she put me down .... then I bite her toes. Thats what she gets for leaving me alone all day.

Tuesday 22nd April

The nice man came over tonight and played with me some more. I can smell another kitty on him but I think its a nice kitty. He gave me nice scratchies and played with me. Like I said, I think the only reason he comes here is to see me .... she thinks he wants to see her ... but I know ... he really likes me!

Monday 21st April 2008

Lesson number 3. Don't sneak up on the lady in the wee small hours of the morning and want to nibble on her lip. Apparently I run the risk of becoming a bass relief on the wall..... What ever!!!

Sunday 20th April 2008

I did it!!!! When she wasn't looking I found out what is behind the door thats always closed. Its a whole other room! And wow what a fun room that is. Its got clothes everywhere, and boxes and clothes hanging from sticks just at the perfect height for a kitty to really have lots of fun. The lady came saw me and said "oh no this isnt a place for kitties". I have news for her .... thats just the perfect place for a kitty to do some creative redecorating. I think the clothes things would look so much better all over the floor. And the papers that are in the box .... now my artistic talents are telling me would most definately be more attractive spread all over the place.
I don't know how she lived to be as ancient as she is without me to help her with things this important.

I have decorated the cold room for her. Theres this roll on the wall with all this lovely soft paper ... I spread it all around the room today and brought some of it out into the other room with me. Do you think she appreciated my hard work .... oh no ... she stomped around the place muttering something about nails and my ears.
I dont think I like the sound of that one ....I think I'm going to have to teach her how sharp my teeth can be on her big fat toes .... at say .... 4am.
The lady wants to say Happy Birthday to her nephew Blake. He's a big boy now .... 11!!! I haven't met Blake yet ... but I am sure I will when he comes to visit. I think we will be good friends ....I think Im going to like biting him!

Saturday 19th April

Well now I know what a weekend is ... it means she is home. She doesn't go to work. One good thing came out of it though ... she went out and came back with plastic bags. Which means .... yep ..... TOYS!!!! She got this amazingly cool glove thing with toys on the end of the fingers. I just love it. I got so excited I ran around all over the place. She says I get hypo and bounce off the walls .... hypo!!!! Im just a happy kitty ... I get the bestest toys. I guess she isn't that bad if she brings me nice presents.
I am the kitty .... I need to be adored.
Today I discovered the joy of sitting like a zombie and watching the screen. I actually ended up and sitting on her while we watched a movie. It was kinda nice cos it was raining and stuff. I thought if you buy me presents and continue to adore me, I'll let you watch tv and grace you with my warm little body.

Friday 18th April 2008

I thought I would be a good kitty and wake the lady up with a kitty kiss on her ear this morning. She picked me up and ewww ... kissed me ... said 'good morning sweety is Friday". Now why should Friday mean anything to me ... but she was obviously happy about it. She went into the shower and started singing in there. Got out and said something like she has a date tonight and wants me to be on her very very bestest behaviour. She went to work as usual ... got home and spent an unusual time in the bathroom again. Singing again .... badly I might add. Then there was this bashing at the door ... and there was this man..... A stranger in our home. He gave her a flower ... and guess what ... he had a present for me!! How exciting is that. This man who doesn't know me brings me a present. The left for a long time ... then came back. And he ... the man .... played with me! You know what I think .... I think this man likes me and only takes her out so he can come home and play with me!

Wednesday 16th April 2008

I am still getting used to my new home and the lady. I torment her with my eating habits. I am still a little kitty so I like milk ... not any milk will do, only the good pet milk. And I am a little particular about the food I eat. I am taking delight in not eating things she puts in front of me and wanting other things.

I love all my toys. Mousies and balls and bobbing things on string ... but you know what my favourite toy is .... her hands. I have found that if I pounce on her hand and bite really hard ... she makes this really funny squealing noise. I run away and laugh.

So tonight I had a bug up my bum ... I decided to run around all over the house, the couch, the table and chairs. She laughed and I kept doing it ... although she didn't seem to appreciate me jumping with all my paws claws out on her head while she was watching the tv. She muttered something about stuffing me in the microwave. Whats a microwave?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesday, 15th April 2008

Well I guess I should tell you a bit more about myself. Last night the lady came and took me from my mother, to a new place. I am a big girl now, I am 8 weeks old, time to leave my mother and venture out into the world on my own. The lady stuffed me in this box and put me in a rumbling noisy thing. I let my displeasure be known my screaming "get me out" at the top of my voice. She relented, lesson number one learnt ... if I yell loud enough she will let me do what I want. So I climbed up on her shoulder, not because I wanted a cuddle, I'm not that kinda girl ... but so I could see what was happening. All this darkness, then bright lights beaming in my eyes ... then darkness. After what seemed like ages ... she stops the loud thing, then drags me out into the cold and into this place then trapped me in a cold room and ... closed the door on me.

After a hundred years she let me out ... and I walked around the place thinking well if this is the best you can do... I guess I will have to put up with it. I looked around thinking I think I can make some creative changes around this place. That candle would look so much better on it's side, and mmm that matt... I think it would look soooo much better all curled up.

There were plastic bags on the floor with things in them. The lady took delight in pulling things out and saying "look kitty these are for you" . I was interested when she took me back into the cold room and placed a brand new shiny clean fresh as a daisy never been used before kitty litter tray. The best thing is, I don't have to share this with my mother or brothers and sisters. A whole kitty litter tray all for me ... now I think thats a really good thing.
Then she pulled out some yummy yummy yummy food ... and I didnt have to share that either.
After I had a sample of the delicious new food .... I wandered back out to the lady to find her sitting on the floor with those bags. I am learning lesson number two ... when the lady has plastic bags .... theres going to be something in there for me. In there was the next best thing to fresh kitty litter and food ..... TOYS!!! Now I definately think for the next 50 hours I stalked, swatted and generally killed 4 toy mousies and 3 feather thingies. What great fun.
Then today when she came home from something she calls work ... there were more plastic bags ... this time she had this really nice bed .... but I dont want to sleep in it ... I want to kill it.
And more toys. The bestest toy ever is this dangly jingly thing thats stuck to the wall and comes out on a stick. I can get some really good running jumps on that.
As far as my sleeping goes I sleep in the bed with her ... not because I want to be all cuddly with her ... but because its comfortable and warm. And when I feel like it I can wake her up with a quick nibble to the nose or lip.
There is a door that is constantly closed to me .... I will find out what is behind it..........

Monday 14th April 2008

Hello everyone, I'm Simba and I have just been adopted by a lady who thinks I am sweet and lovely .... I will let her think that for one day. After that ... I will let her know who is going to be boss of this place she calls her home.... pfft .... I have news for her ... Im going to redecorate it and make it mine.
She's not too bad though ... she had all these new things she had bought for me, a new kitty litter tray, bowls, food ... and bestest of all toys. I love my toys. I will later on have pictures of my toys. Once I work out how to do this .... the lady isn't very good at computers either, and Im just a little kitty ... so I'm working it all out.