Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wednesday 2nd July

I have come to the conclusion that Fred is lots of fun. We have decided its actually fun to play together. I still get the hisses at him if he is too rough ... but I give it back as good as he gives it.

The lady finally took some pictures of the two of them.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tuesday 1st July

I've been a very busy kitty. Its exhausting teaching the new cats the ropes of being an indoor kitty. I have had to draw boundaries to them. There's certain things I dont want them doing ... 1. the bed is for me only. Mooey seems to think that its for her ... but its not its for me. I hiss and growl at her but she doesn't pay me any attention. The lady doesn't like me hissing at her. So we have an agreement on it ... she stays down the bottom, and I have the top bit. Fred doesn't come onto the bed. He sits underneath it.
We play this great game. When the phone rings and the lady goes running to answer it ... all 3 of us come out of nowhere and try to trip her up. Thats always entertaining.
No one is allowed to play with my toys. I don't share well .... that includes the lady's lap. The lap is mine. Even if Im not on her lap ... the lap is still out of bounds. When she gives scratches to one of the others I glare at her.
The lady is deciding on whether or not to let the other kitties blog ... but I don't think I want to share my computer either. Maybe .... one day I might let them.
Actually we are slowly getting on. They frighten me a bit because they are so much bigger than me, I really want to play with them, and they want to play with me ... I guess we all have to get used to each other. I did give Fred a kiss the other day ... hes a very handsome boy. I think we might become good friends. I know the lady would like us to.
The lady is getting some pics of them so everyone can see how pretty they are.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sunday 8th June

Today started out well .... woke up back in my home with the lady and someone new ..... my Nanny. Nanny is a nice lady she gives me lots of cuddles and morsels of food. Later in the afternoon my world as I know it ended. The lady went out and came back .... with 2 big full grown kitties. I hissed and growled at them ... and they the cowards ... ran for cover. One of them the big girl cat who's name is Mooey .... ran straight under my bed. The other one who is a boy cat called Fred ran under the lounge. Everytime I walked past them I hissed and they hissed. But I am not going to weaken ... this is my house and they have to live with me. The lady tells me they are my long lost brother and sister who were living somewhere else. Apparently they were outside kitties and have to get used to living inside again. When the lady lived with them before she loved them and looked after them like she does with me. She told us we all have to get used to being a family because she loves us all. She is very worried about how we are all going to get along. She has a week off work so we can get used to each other.

Saturday 7th June

Well .... I am back from my holiday. I loved staying with Aunty Lisa and Uncle Vincent. They showed me how a kitty should be treated. They had an electric blankie on their bed ... now I want to know why the lady doesn't have one... or better yet 4 of them one on my bed and one on each of the lounge chairs. Those things are the best thing yet.

They also have the biggest pile of plastic bags to play in ... and they let me run them around the house. I loved that.

They also let me climb to the top of the screen door .... from there I flew onto the top of the blind rail where I learnt how to tight rope walk. I knew nothing would happen to me .... cos I can fly. See the lady forgets these things. I'll post a couple of pictures up.

I know something I dont like ... and thats being stuffed into a plastic box and neing in the car for hours. I dont like that at all.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Wednesday 4th June

Hello ....

This is Simba's lady .... I am still away on holiday ... and so is our little girl. She is staying at her Aunt Lisa and Uncle Vincent's place and from all reports they are spoiling her terribly ... thats terribly for me. I have a couple of little suprises for her when we get home. I had 2 other kitties from the time before her. They currently live with my ex husband. I visit them from time to time and I miss them terribly. There is Mooey ... she is a beautiful black kitty she is 8 years old, and there is Fred a georgous tuxedo boy who is 5. Both of these puddies are very nice and gentle .... I think Simba should have fun with them. Well as things happen, their daddy can not look after them anymore ... so guess who is coming to live with us. I am looking forward to having all my kitty babies with me. Its going to take lots of time and adjustment for them all to get used to each other, but I am sure that they will all be good friends in no time at all. All I can say is I think its going to be entertaining. I think Simba and Fred should be good play mates, I think she is going to have to go easy on our old girl Mooey though, I don't think she will take too kindly to Simba's love nibbles.
Anyway we will all be back together next week. I dont think Simba is going to want to leave her Aunty Lisa's place though ... from what I have heard she has decided that the new place is now home ....... Guess I have news for her on that score!!!! I miss her.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Saturday 17th May

I've been a very slack kitty... for not blogging. I blame the lady. She's been keeping me busy with cuddles and kisses. Distracting me from my purpose ....

I've found out a few things. I do not like the vaccum cleaner. That loud suckie thing is a bit scary ... so when she pulls it out .. before she turns it on I try to kill it. Then when it starts ... I run away ... cos I know its going to suck me into it.

The other thing is ... the fly screens. They are terrific fun to climb ... not so good to get down from though. But it annoys the lady when I do it .. so theres double pleasure in it for me.

Third thing, I found a new game ... its called ... Kill the Pillows. She has a gazillion pillows on the bed and arranges them just so. When she comes home from work ... I've gone in and put my creative twist to how I want them arranged. I'm also working a way to biting through one ... I just gotta find out whats inside them ... I have one almost open.

Another new thing I found thats fun to do ... is come out to her soaking wet. She was confused for days as to how I got wet until she sprung me in the laundry tub. I found out how to get the water out of the tap.

Also the new kitty litter tray she bought me ... apparently to stop me from redecorating the bathroom with my kitty litter ... well guess what ... Im a clever kitty ... I found out how to get the litter out even with a door and lid. Guess whos frustrated to the back teeth ... heee heee.

I think its facinating how I do all these things and she still wants to cuddle and kiss me. Guess Im just too adorable for her to resist.

Now the lady told me that next week Im going on a holiday, and the nice man that comes to visit me, is taking me away for a couple of weeks to have a rest from her. Goody ... a new home to redecorate.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wednesday 7th May

Today the lady bought home a new kitty litter house. Its a big tray with a lid and a swinging door. It also means now I have to be more creative when I am trying to decorate the room with my kitty litter. I also found out where she keeps my fresh unused kitty litter. Its in that other room, the one that she keeps the door closed on. I snuck in there when she didn't close the door properly. Guess shes going to have to buy new kitty litter!!!