Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Wednesday 4th June

Hello ....

This is Simba's lady .... I am still away on holiday ... and so is our little girl. She is staying at her Aunt Lisa and Uncle Vincent's place and from all reports they are spoiling her terribly ... thats terribly for me. I have a couple of little suprises for her when we get home. I had 2 other kitties from the time before her. They currently live with my ex husband. I visit them from time to time and I miss them terribly. There is Mooey ... she is a beautiful black kitty she is 8 years old, and there is Fred a georgous tuxedo boy who is 5. Both of these puddies are very nice and gentle .... I think Simba should have fun with them. Well as things happen, their daddy can not look after them anymore ... so guess who is coming to live with us. I am looking forward to having all my kitty babies with me. Its going to take lots of time and adjustment for them all to get used to each other, but I am sure that they will all be good friends in no time at all. All I can say is I think its going to be entertaining. I think Simba and Fred should be good play mates, I think she is going to have to go easy on our old girl Mooey though, I don't think she will take too kindly to Simba's love nibbles.
Anyway we will all be back together next week. I dont think Simba is going to want to leave her Aunty Lisa's place though ... from what I have heard she has decided that the new place is now home ....... Guess I have news for her on that score!!!! I miss her.


Riley & Tiki said...

We hope adjustments go easily. We got our woofie the same way because Daddy's ex-wife couldn't take care of him anymore. We hissed at him for about a week, but now we love, love, love him. Good luck!

Aoise said...

I'm sure Simba will luff the ofer kitties when they come home. Life is sirtainly going to be furry busy from now on !!