Sunday, June 8, 2008

Saturday 7th June

Well .... I am back from my holiday. I loved staying with Aunty Lisa and Uncle Vincent. They showed me how a kitty should be treated. They had an electric blankie on their bed ... now I want to know why the lady doesn't have one... or better yet 4 of them one on my bed and one on each of the lounge chairs. Those things are the best thing yet.

They also have the biggest pile of plastic bags to play in ... and they let me run them around the house. I loved that.

They also let me climb to the top of the screen door .... from there I flew onto the top of the blind rail where I learnt how to tight rope walk. I knew nothing would happen to me .... cos I can fly. See the lady forgets these things. I'll post a couple of pictures up.

I know something I dont like ... and thats being stuffed into a plastic box and neing in the car for hours. I dont like that at all.

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