Friday, May 16, 2008

Saturday 17th May

I've been a very slack kitty... for not blogging. I blame the lady. She's been keeping me busy with cuddles and kisses. Distracting me from my purpose ....

I've found out a few things. I do not like the vaccum cleaner. That loud suckie thing is a bit scary ... so when she pulls it out .. before she turns it on I try to kill it. Then when it starts ... I run away ... cos I know its going to suck me into it.

The other thing is ... the fly screens. They are terrific fun to climb ... not so good to get down from though. But it annoys the lady when I do it .. so theres double pleasure in it for me.

Third thing, I found a new game ... its called ... Kill the Pillows. She has a gazillion pillows on the bed and arranges them just so. When she comes home from work ... I've gone in and put my creative twist to how I want them arranged. I'm also working a way to biting through one ... I just gotta find out whats inside them ... I have one almost open.

Another new thing I found thats fun to do ... is come out to her soaking wet. She was confused for days as to how I got wet until she sprung me in the laundry tub. I found out how to get the water out of the tap.

Also the new kitty litter tray she bought me ... apparently to stop me from redecorating the bathroom with my kitty litter ... well guess what ... Im a clever kitty ... I found out how to get the litter out even with a door and lid. Guess whos frustrated to the back teeth ... heee heee.

I think its facinating how I do all these things and she still wants to cuddle and kiss me. Guess Im just too adorable for her to resist.

Now the lady told me that next week Im going on a holiday, and the nice man that comes to visit me, is taking me away for a couple of weeks to have a rest from her. Goody ... a new home to redecorate.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wednesday 7th May

Today the lady bought home a new kitty litter house. Its a big tray with a lid and a swinging door. It also means now I have to be more creative when I am trying to decorate the room with my kitty litter. I also found out where she keeps my fresh unused kitty litter. Its in that other room, the one that she keeps the door closed on. I snuck in there when she didn't close the door properly. Guess shes going to have to buy new kitty litter!!!

Tuesday 6th May

OH Wow .... a really really nice lady came and visited her tonight. She played with me ... and let me chew her boots ... and sniff her stinky feet. But she was covered ... and I mean totally covered with woofy stink! When she came in I gave her a really really good sniffing all over. Then I looked in her bag to make sure no woofy was going to come out of it. Cos its a woofie free zone this place.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Saturday 3rd May

The lady brought a pressie home to me today ... that nice man. He came to visit me .... and he brought a little person for me to taste... I mean play with. Her fingers didnt taste very nice though cos the lady put coloured stuff on them that smelled really really bad ... and her toes too. It smelt so bad that I couldnt bring myself to sample the little wiggly morsels. Next time she comes here Im going to though. They are perfect sized to be one little nibble. mmmmmmmm
Then they all left me alone .... for hours and hours and hours. When the lady came back she was alone and she had missed my dinner time! Yeah sure there was kitty milk there ... but no stinky stuff. After she gave me a quick cuddle and kiss she realised her stupidity and fed me. I had a little nibble of my dinner then went up to give her a little cuddle. I put my paws on her face and gently went to give her big squishy nose a head butt ... then I remembered ... you left me ... so I bit down hard on it. Thats what you get for missing my dinner time. I turned around... stuck my tail up in the air and went and finished my stinky stuff!!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Friday 2nd May

Normally the lady is good at keeping my kitty litter spotlessly clean, however I think with her being a bit sick, her cleaning has been a bit shoddy. So I left here a little message to say ... "Oi lady, clean it". She didnt get the message ...she thought I had kicked it out accidently .... so she just cleaned a few bits out of it, but no fresh litter.
So then I had to be more visual for her .... not real bright at times..... so I made sure she watched ... I went to the litter ... sniffed .... flicked my tail ... looked at her ... then squatted on her nice fluffy white matt ... and did my kitty business .... all the while keeping eye contact.
Guess what ..... She finally worked it out .... CLEAN THE LITTER!!!! Once I started tinkling on her matt .... I never seen her move so fast. Within 2 minutes nice clean fresh kitty litter. She is so my slave!!!!!