Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wednesday 2nd July

I have come to the conclusion that Fred is lots of fun. We have decided its actually fun to play together. I still get the hisses at him if he is too rough ... but I give it back as good as he gives it.

The lady finally took some pictures of the two of them.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tuesday 1st July

I've been a very busy kitty. Its exhausting teaching the new cats the ropes of being an indoor kitty. I have had to draw boundaries to them. There's certain things I dont want them doing ... 1. the bed is for me only. Mooey seems to think that its for her ... but its not its for me. I hiss and growl at her but she doesn't pay me any attention. The lady doesn't like me hissing at her. So we have an agreement on it ... she stays down the bottom, and I have the top bit. Fred doesn't come onto the bed. He sits underneath it.
We play this great game. When the phone rings and the lady goes running to answer it ... all 3 of us come out of nowhere and try to trip her up. Thats always entertaining.
No one is allowed to play with my toys. I don't share well .... that includes the lady's lap. The lap is mine. Even if Im not on her lap ... the lap is still out of bounds. When she gives scratches to one of the others I glare at her.
The lady is deciding on whether or not to let the other kitties blog ... but I don't think I want to share my computer either. Maybe .... one day I might let them.
Actually we are slowly getting on. They frighten me a bit because they are so much bigger than me, I really want to play with them, and they want to play with me ... I guess we all have to get used to each other. I did give Fred a kiss the other day ... hes a very handsome boy. I think we might become good friends. I know the lady would like us to.
The lady is getting some pics of them so everyone can see how pretty they are.